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X-Ray Full Automatic Seam Scanner(non-destructive)

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Canned beer, drinks
Test items:Double Seam


Seam-X®-On-line  X-Ray  Automatic  Seam Scanner”  adopts  non-destructive  measurement  method  to measure the seam quality, suitable for measuring the aluminum cans,  steel  cans  ,  aluminum-iron  composite  cans  and  etc.  It’s applicable  for  online  in  producing  department.  It’s  a non-destructive,  cost  saving,  accurate  measurement  and automatic  equipment which  can  be  installed  on  the  production line to improve the sampling frequency.

Measure Items: Seam Length, Body Hook, End Hook, Overlap, %Overlap, Seam Gap, %Body Hook Butting, and %End Hook Butting.
It’s applicable to measure cans of various materials. Combination of can body and the end can be following: (1) Aluminum & Aluminum; (2) Tin & Tin.

Seam-X®-On-Line can work together with the seam thickness gauge and countersink gauge, to make up a complete measure system for the double seam.
If configured with identification sampling system, it can make the result of every can correspond to the related seamer head.


●  Non destructive measurement, avoid waste samples
●  Non destructive measurement, better for environmental protection and save the cost of sewage treatment
●  High speed and high sampling frequency, reduce the isolation inferior
●  Auto & on-line measurement, labor saving and avoid human error
●  Improve sampling frequency, reduce quality risk and win consumer confidence
●  Cost saved annually turns into profit After the payback period
●  Able to track the seamer head corresponding to the inferior
●  It is used for on-site inspection of the production line, fast and efficient, high sampling frequency, and reduce the segregation of defective products
●  360° fully scanning
●  Auto judge passed or failed, and auto reject unqualified products 
●  Outstanding repeatability and reproducibility (R&R)
●  Comply with safety criteria of X-ray radiation protection, certified by the third party (0.08mSV/year)
●  Safe operation to avoid injury result from cutting method
●  Suitable for cans of various sizes and specification
●  Welding identifying function for 3-piece cans (Cost optional)
●  Measure data can be stored in SPC automatically

Technical Parameter

Sample materials Combination of can body and the end: (1) Aluminum & Aluminum; (2) Tin & Tin
Sample sizes Diameter: 200 (50mm)-211 (67 mm); Height: ≤168mm
Measure items Seam Dimension: Seam Length, Body Hook, End Hook, Overlap, %Overlap, Seam Gap, %Body Hook Butting, %End Hook Butting
Unit Inch, mm
Language English & Chinese
Accuracy +/- 0.01 mm
Resolution 0.001 mm
Data output Ethernet, ASCII, TXT, SQL, DBI
Power supply 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air Supply 0.4-0.6MPa
Dimensions L1400 x W1500 x H2000mm
Weight Approx. 2000kg

CanNeed-Seam-X-On-line X-Ray

Automatic Seam Scanner


“Efficient, Cost saving, High Sampling frequency”


l  Non-destructive measurement, avoid wasting samples

l  Non-destructive measurement, avoid environmental pollution and save handling charges

l  High sampling frequency, reduce the isolation inferior

l  High sampling frequency, cost saving

l  Can track the chucks corresponding to the unqualified products

l  360-degree fully scan measurement

l  Can be suitable for various types of cans

l  Higher accuracy

l  Avoid manual measurement error

l  Durable

l  Accord with the worldwide safety standards





The “CanNeed-Seam-X-On-Line X-Ray Automatic Seam Scanner” adopts non-destructive measurement method to measure the seam quality, suitable for measuring the aluminum cans, steel cans , aluminum-iron composite cans and etc. It’s applicable for online in producing department. It’s a non-destructive, cost saving, accurate measurement and automatic equipment which can be installed on the production line to improve the sampling frequency.



Equipment Outline:

     ● Outline dimension:

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    ● Production line distribution (Case one):

Technical data:

l Applicable for online in producing department; batch sampling test based on the preset time.

l Sampling interval: set the shortest time as sampling 12 cans/ batch in 1 minute

l Automatically input samples and measure samples, no need for human operation

l Accuracy:0.01mm

l 360-degree fully scan measurement, no blind spot detection

l Machine inspection beat: 5~8 second/PCS

l Load: production time calculation for 22 hours one day; Measuring capacity: 22(h) X 3600 (s) ÷ 5~8 (s) ≈10 K   PCS/day. It’s a stable and reliable equipment to the continuous detection.

l Adopts closed loop control. The seam structure data of each can is separately corresponding to the chucks of seamer. Able to track the chucks corresponding to the unqualified products, saving a lot of time to find out the problems and adjust the seamer.

l Automatically get rid of the inferiors.

Measuring Process:

Take samples from the online signal automatic production line


Transport samples to the detection entrance      Automatic sampling to the rotating disk positioning   


Adopt non-destructive X-ray to go through the required inspection stations 


360-degree fully scan measurement and take figures       Images can be auto analyzed by software

                                                                                                    Qualified products

                                                                              Analyze data to the server 


                                                           Analyze the status of seamer according to the data report       Inferiors


Seam-X-On-Line Software features

1)     The seam overlap and tightness can be measured at the same time, 10 Measuring Items: Seam Length, Body Hook Length, End Hook Length, Overlap Length, Seam Gap, Overlap Rate, Body Hook Lapping Rate, End Hook Lapping Rate, On-screen Seam Thickness and Tightness

2)     Report format can be customized, flexible for different report styles of different companies

3)     Software adopted data base management system, measurement results and images are saved in the data base, users can facilitate inquires

4)     Graph chart statistic function, automatically analyze and compare the measurement results

5)     Users can review or re-measure the saved projects at any time

6)     Data can be exported as an Excel file

7)     Predefine various qualification standards, can judge and warn automatically whether the results are qualified in every measure

8)    Measurement results and label lines can be marked directly on the image, results will be also displayed in corresponding field on the screen

9)     Seam image can be printed and stored, facilitate communication with the production department or canning factories, no need to retain the sample cans

10)   Provided with calibration piece, users can calibrate at any time and set the calibration password


Data base keep each measurement result and image ,convenient for checking

   Multiple statistic charts ,automatically analyze



Seam Monitor development history:

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Dial Gauge

Digital data displaying

Manual Line positioning

Auto Line positioning and data collection, interference-free of external light source



Dial gauge, Manual recording and calculating


Digital data displaying, Manual recording and calculating


Manual Line positioning, Auto calculating

Seam SightTM Full Automatic Seam Monitor

Auto Line positioning, calculating and data collection, Ignore the interference of outer light sources

Seam-X-On-line X-Ray Automatic Seam Scanner



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