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Seam Saw

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Three-piece can/spray can
Test items:Double Seam


CanNeed-CSS-300  Seam  saw is  a  special  seam  circular  saw  with  double  cut  for  double  seam inspections. 

The CanNeed -CSS-300 has specially designed for the irregular shaped cans, like rectangle cans, oval cans, etc. Also aerosol-cans can also be sawed with  the saw. The nitrated blades achieve together with the speed of approx. 1.000 r/min. so that comes a very plain cut surface. The seam Image on the CanNeed series of Automatic Seam Monitors gets thereby very clear and improves measurement speed and reliability.

Technical Parameter

Sample can dia. : 45-360mm (bigger by ordering)
Sample type : 2 piece cans, 3 piece cans,
and aerosol cans
Saw blades : 100 x 22 x 0,5 mm
(also available with 80 x 22 x 0,5 mm)
Speed : approx. 1.000 r/min.
Power supply : 220 V
Power : 100 W

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