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Malt Boiling Chroma Device

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:malt
Test items:color/chroma


CanNeed-MBCT-100 Malt Boiling Chroma Device adopts digital temperature control with high accuracy of temperature control. The reflow device consists of four-group reflow device. And the whole machine is made of stainless steel, exquisite appearance and more durable. It is equipped with insulating layer and auto stirring device.

Boiling test: Boiled at 108℃ for 2 hours

Solidifiability Nitrogen test: Boiled at 105℃ for 5 hours
The machine makes no noise in the test process. It will prompt an alarm automatically when the test is over.


1.Adopts the best components and materials, applied with the latest technology.
2.Boiling test: Boiled at 108℃ for 2 hours
3.Solidifiability Nitrogen test: Boiled at 105℃ for 5 hours
4.According to the different requests on temperature and temperature-keeping time, the users can set any temperature and any temperature-keep time among in-house temperature to 108°C.
5.The test temperature can be saved and revised.
6.LCD display screen, real time display time and temperature. The display temperature graves can be shifted.
7.Program control, high accuracy of temperature control, the temperature tolerance: ±0.5°C
Any time in the test process, the parameters of time and temperature can be displayed on the
screen, so that the users can query the temperature-keeping time any time.

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