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Bottle Turner

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:malt
Test items:Dissolved oxygen/total oxygen


CanNeed-BT-100 Bottle Turner is used for shaking up the bottled or canned samples. Set the shaking time, and clamp the samples into the clamp. After starting the equipment, the samples will be shaken and tumbled automatically until it reaches the set time.

Application 1: to measure the total O2 in beer

Why beer turns to off flavors quickly ever though the dissolved O2 is very low?
That’s because the total O2 is high. There exists O2 in the bottle neck of bottled beer. If the clients want to evaluate the dissolved O2 in bottled beer, they should measure the total O2.

CanNeed-BT-100 is used for measuring the total O2 in bottled or canned beer. Please completely shake the bottled
or canned beer for 3 minutes before measuring.
If the O2 of the beer packed in containers achieves gas-liquid balance, when you know the O2 content in the liquid, you can calculate the O2 content in the gas based on Henry’s Law. In order to make the O2 in both gas and liquid to set up balance, please use BT-100 Bottle Turner. It takes 3 minutes to set up the O2 balance at the speed of 40rmp/min. 

Technical Parameter

Rotate speed : 40 rounds / min.
Sample Height : Max. 335mm
Sample Diameter : Max. 95mm, Min. 45mm

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