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Angle Swinging Shaker

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:malt,Cosmetics/drugs/bagged food
Test items:Beer physical and chemical/foam/saccharification power



The  CanNeed-ASS-100 Angle Swinging Shaker is used to shake up the samples,especailly for extraction testing.Put the sample into the conical flask,and clamp the conical flask,then set the time and frequency to start shaking.
The device adpot a 20mm reciprocating shaking way,which ensure the sample is fully mixed.



Application:to use as a bitterness shaker
To use as a bitterness shaker,and win good reputation from brewery.
The device adpot a 20mm reciprocating shaking way,the beer is fully mixed with isooctane,then the bitterness in beer is extracted by isooctane.
《GB/T 4928-2001 Beer Analyzing Way》
C2.1.4 Bitterness Analyzing Steps:
Use a pipe with a drop of octanol on the top to absorb 10ml beer sample(10℃)  and fill into a 50ml centrifuge tub,add 1ml hydrochloric acid (3mol/L) 1ml and 20ml isooctane,screw the end, and place it on the CanNeed-ASS-100 to shake 15mins(be milky),then to centrifuge for 10mins.Use a 10mm cuvette,under wavelength of 275nm,compare with isooctane-octanol (20ml isooctane+1 drop octanol),to test the absorbancy A275.


Technical Data


1.Shaking frequency:305-650 r/min
2.Shaking range:20 mm
3.Time setting:01-99 min
5.Working temperature:10-40 ℃

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