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Auto Mashing Device

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:malt
Test items:Beer physical and chemical/foam/saccharification power


The CanNeed “CanNeed-MB-800 Auto Mashing Device” is the best choice for beer and malt Laboratory.

(1)8 orifices (optional for 4 / 8 / 16 orifices)
(2) Auto water-in
(3) LCD monitor, display the real time temperature and time, can switch to display the temperature
(4) Program controlled, accurately controls the temperature.
(5) Mashing cup make from the thick wall stainless steel, smooth and weldless.
(6) Inside material also stainless steel
(7) Sink cover is make from polishing stainless steel
(8) During the mashing process, all temperature and time parameter to be displayed on the screen.
(9) State-of-the-art components and technology
(10) Very quiet when running


(1)State-of-the-art components and technology
(2) Mashing cup make from the thick wall stainless steel, smooth and weldless.
(3) Very quiet when running

Technical Parameter

Temperature control : 40℃, 45℃, 70℃, or any target temperature.
Temperature accuracy : ±0.1℃
Power supply : 230V/50HZ
Heating power : 3kW
Fixed programs : Malt mashing, mashing force, rice mashing
Optional user-defined Programs : 6
Temperature range: : room temperature ~92℃
Max. steps for each program : 10
Max. time of each program : 0-99 min.
Heating up speed : 1℃/min., 0.5~1.5℃ adjustable
Stirring speed : 50~150 rpm, adjustable

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