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Ramp Pressure Tester (Automatic & Desktop)

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu
Test items:Pressure/pressure resistance


Strength of glass bottle ramp resistance determines its quality. To measure the ramp resistance of the glass bottle, ramp pressure tester is necessary.
CanNeed-BPT-5 Ramp Pressure Tester (Automatic & Desktop) is able to test the resistance of glass bottles. It’s able to perform both acceptance test and burst test. Automatic affusion, automatic clamping and automatic test are available. Pressurizing process is controlled by servo system.  Real-time data is displayed and test result is recorded automatically.
CanNeed-BPT-5 Ramp Pressure Tester is configured with linear pressurization mode, pressure holding mode and P60 mode. User could select test mode complied with his requirement.


● Standard instrument of glass bottle industry with high accuracy of pressure and wide test scale
● Desktop designed, high efficiency
● Automatic clamping and affusion
● PLC and touch screen control with various test ways
● Safety interlocks on test chamber doors
● Auto pop the bottle neck out after test. Multi-layer collecting glass fragment and cleaning the instrument, easy to maintain
● Angle steel framework, durable; water, electric and air are separated to make it water-proof.
● Pressure controlled by servo motor with good pressure repeatability and high accuracy.

Technical Parameter

● Test range:0-6 MPa
● Resolution:0.01Mpa
● Water supply:0.1~0.3 Mpa
● Working temperature:0-50º C
● Power supply:110-120 or 220/240V, 50/60 Hz
● Output interface:RS232


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