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CanNeed-PEBT-4000 PET Bottle Pressure Tester (Burst Tester)

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks
Test items:Pressure/pressure resistance


CanNeed-PEBT-4000 PET Bottle Pressure Tester is an advance testing equipment specialized for testing the PET bottles. It has been designed in conformity to the three international commonly used testing methods. Users can select the testing method according to their requirement. CanNeed -PEBT-4000 is able to test the pressure capabilities that under a set pressure or the burst test.

By the means of replenishing pressurization, the pressurizing process was linearized, and to increase until reaching the set point or burst point.

After the selection of testing program, CanNeed-PEBT-4000 will run automatically accord with the settings. The Touch-screen will display the real-time pressure value and record down the max. pressure and burst pressure.

Three (3) international commonly used testing methods: Fill Ramp mode, Burst mode, User-defined mode.


● Sstandard equipment for PET bottle industry.
● Three (3) international commonly used testing methods
● CND-PEBT Professional software
● Preset testing mode and user-defined mode
● Display the curve of pressure and volume expansion during the test
● Monitor and record the water temperature during the test
● Applicable for different sizes of plastic bottles
● With calibration function, convenience for calibrating

Technical Parameter

● Operating Pressure Range : 0-300 Psi (0-20.7 bars)
● Accuracy : ±3 Psi (±0.2 bar)
● Pressure Measuring units : Psi, kg/cm2, bars, MPa (user defined)
● Volume Expansion Measuring units : Milliliters (ml)
● Pressure Source : Recommended to use Nitrogen gas (not supplied)
● Water Source : 0.1 - 0.3 MPa tap water
● Operating Temperature : 0-50℃
● Power Supply : 110-120 or 220/240VAC @ 50/60 Hz
● Expansion Capability : 2 L
● Bottle Sizes Supported : Up to 3L (depending on expansion percentage)
● Output Interface : Standard serial link
● Dimensions : 830×580×1600 mm (W × D × H)


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