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Automatic Buckle Tester for Loose ends

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Metal cap/crown cap/tab cap/screw cap/claw opening cap
Test items:Pressure/pressure resistance


CanNeed-AEBT-1000 Automatic Buckle Tester for Loose ends is for testing the exact pressure at which the end buckles. Any end of varying diameter can be tested: change parts are available that can be exchanged within seconds. Three testing modes: “Buckle Test”, “Missile Test”, and “Score Burst Test”. If configured with special clamp, it can make score line cracking test for an end. Suitable for ends of various sizes. User should choose the clamp accordingly.


● Ingenious Design: with 3 testing modes
● Measure end pressure resistance, standard equipment in the can making industry
● Applicable for measuring ends of different sizes
● Automatic sampling, unattended operation
● Connecting SPC system
● PLC touch-screen display control system, automatic collecting data
● Adjustable pressure speed, pressure curve can be set
● High accuracy
● Test Point for Calibration
● Built-in the “pneumatic pressure-increasing valve”, can change the pressure to double or triple level than the input pressure
● After batch sample tests finish, a single test result can be reviewed, automatic calculating average, maximum and minimum values
● Multi safety apparatus
● Overload Protection

Technical Parameter

● Measure range: 0-900 KPa (0.9Mpa)
● Resolution: 1 KPa
● Accuracy: 0.5% F.S.
● Data Output: RS232
● Unit: KPa, psi, bar
● Air Supply: 0.4-0.6 MPa
● Power: 230V/50Hz
● Dimension: L1430 x W1040 xH2095mm


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