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Buckle Tester for Loose Ends (With Missile Test)

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Metal cap/crown cap/tab cap/screw cap/claw opening cap,Canned beer, drinks
Test items:Pressure/pressure resistance



The “CanNeed-EBT-300 Buckle Tester for Loose ends” is for testing the exact pressure at which the end buckles. Any end of varying diameter may be tested: change parts are available that can be exchanged within seconds. Three testing modes: “Buckle Test”, "Missile Test”, and “Score Burst Test”.

Buckle Test Mode
Place the loose end on the testing holder, close the door and press the “Start” button. The pneumatic cylinder will drive the clamp to press on the end firmly and tightly and pressurize automatically. Operators can pre-define the pressurizing speed. The test will be terminated as soon as the end buckles. The maximum pressure value will be shown on the display.
The test results of loose ends are different from the results of seamed ends, it usually 0.03 - 0.08 Mpa higher compare to the results of seamed ends.

Missile Test Mode
When the consumers open a canned carbonated beverage, if the metal sheet of the ring fly off, it could be very dangerous and may hurt on the eyes. The “CanNeed-EBT-300 Buckle Tester for Loose ends” can simulate the situation of opening a canned carbonated beverage, the “RP” end will be tear off under a force of 0.6Mpa, the ring on the ends to be pull up rapidly by the hook, if the ring or the metal sheet which is inside the annular score was fly off, then the sample is disqualified.

Score Burst Test Mode
The loose end to be pressed by the special designed holder and clamp, pressurize to the pre-defined pressure, if the score was destructed, that means the sample is disqualified.



    Industry Standard
 Suitable for any ends of varying diameters
 Simple operation
 With RS232 data output, able to transmit data to SPC systems
 Touching screen PLC control system, auto data collection.
 Pressurizing speed and curve may be set
 High precision
 Test Point for Calibration
 Equipped with piston supercharger, able to double or tripled the inlet air supply. The detailed multiple can be adjustable. (i.e.: when the pressure of air supply is 0.5Mpa, the testing pressure can be up to 1.0Mpa.)
 Able to review each single test result after several tests have been done, and auto calculate the average max. and min. test values.
 Multi safety apparatus
 Overload Protection

Technical Data


Measure range : 0-900 Kpa (0.9 Mpa) Pneumatic supply : 0.5 Mpa
Resolution  : 1 Kpa Power supply : 115/230V, 50Hz
Accuracy : 0.5% F.S. Dimensions : 520 x 460 x 750 (W x D x H )
Data cable : RS232 serial output Weight : 50 kg
Units : Kpa  


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