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X-Ray Automatic Seam Scanner(Non-destructive)

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Canned beer, drinks,Three-piece can/spray can
Test items:Double Seam


Seam-X®-Lab Automatic Seam Scanner adopts non-destructive measure method to measure the seam dimension, tightness (aluminum and tin composite can excluded), and the actual seam formation.

Measure Items: Seam Length, Body Hook, End Hook, Overlap, %Overlap, Seam Gap, %Body Hook Butting, %End Hook Butting, %Tightness, and the actual seam formation.
It is able to identify if the double seam is fake or not base on the actual seam formation
It’s applicable to measure cans of various materials. Combination of can body and the end can be
following: (1) Aluminum & Aluminum; (2) Tin & Tin; (3) Tin & Aluminum.

Seam-X®-Lab can work together with the seam thickness gauge and countersink gauge, to make up a
complete measure system for the double seam.


1) Waste no sample, save cost and environmental protection.
2) Auto measure, quick and efficient, simple operation
3) More accurate, avoid manual measurement error
4) Outstanding repeatability and reproducibility (R&R)
5) 360° fully scan measurement of tightness
6) Invention patents granted
7) Comply with safety criteria of X-ray radiation protection, certified by the third party (0.08mSV/year).
8) Safe operation to avoid injury result from cutting method
9) Easy calibration with provided calibration piece
10) Suitable for cans of various sizes and specification
11) Software automatically open and close the protection door
12) Automatic judge passed or failed
13) Welding identifying function for 3-piece can (Optional)
14) Measure data can be stored in SPC automatically

Technical Parameter

Sample spec.:  Combination of can body and the end can be following:
                     (1)Aluminum & Aluminum; (2)Tin & Tin; (3)Tin & Aluminum
Sample size:  Can Diameter: 113 (48 mm)-603 (153 mm);
                    Can Height: 50- 300mm

Measure items: 
1.Seam Dimension: Seam Length, Body Hook, End Hook, Overlap, %Overlap, Seam Gap, %Body Hook Butting, %End Hook Butting
2.Tightness (*excluding aluminum and tin composite can)
3.Actual Seam Formation (*excluding aluminum and tin composite can)

Unit: Dimension: inch, mm;
         Tightness: %
Language: English & Chinese
Accuracy:  Seam Dimension: +/- 0.01 mm
                          Tightness: +/- 5%
Resolution: Seam Dimension: 0.001 mm
                          Tightness: 1%
Output: Ethernet, ASCII, TXT, SQL, DBI
Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimension: L1500×W1000×H1900mm
Weight: Approx. 650kg




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Seam-X-Line Automatic Seam Scanner adopts non-destructive measurement method to measure the seam quality, suitable for measuring the aluminum cans, steel cans , aluminum-iron composite cans and etc. It’s applicable for laboratory or producing department.

It’s a non-destructive, cost saving, accurate measurement and automatic equipment which can be installed on the production line to improve the sampling frequency.


   Non-destructive measurement, avoid wasting samples
 Non-destructive measurement, avoid environmental pollution and save handling charges
 High sampling frequency, reduce the isolation inferior
 High sampling frequency, cost saving
 Can track the chucks corresponding to the unqualified products
 360-degree fully scan measurement
 Can be suitable for various types of cans
 Higher accuracy
 Avoid manual measurement error
 Durable
 Accord with the worldwide safety standards

Technical Data


   Applicable for laboratory or producing department
 Mode of sampling : Seam-X-Line automatic function
 Can open or close the door automatically
 Auto measurement
 Auto judgement
 360-degree fully scan measurement, no blind spot detection
 Measuring speed: need one minute for 1 can
 Load: production time calculation for 22 hours one day; Measuring capacity: 22(h) X 60 (m) ÷ 1 (m) ≈1320 cans/per day. It’s a stable and reliable equipment to the continuous detection.
 Accuracy: 0.01mm

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