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Burst Buckling Tester for aerosol cans

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Three-piece can/spray can
Test items:Pressure/pressure resistance


Aerosol can manufacturers need not only to save cost but also to ensure product quality, they are in a great need about devices which can accurately measure and assess the performance of the aerosol cans.
CanNeed-ABT-200 Burst Buckling Tester for Aerosol Cans is used for testing the buckle value of bottom and end (dome) of aerosol cans and the pressure at which the can bursts.


● PLC controlled, equipped withspecial designed clamp, able to test the buckle value of free ends (dome) or bottom of aerosol cans independently.
● Professional analyzing software displays the pressure curve, monitor and record three buckle values: end buckle value, bottom buckle value and burst value. Database system manages the measurement result and curve, and the system will carry out the testing process automatically, so that no manual operation needed during the testing process.

Technical Parameter

● Air source pressure : 0.5Mpa
● Testing pressure : 0-4Mpa
● Resolution  : 0.01Mpa
● Dimension : 555 x 400 x860 mm (L X W X H)
● Weight : 50kg
● Sample type : All types of aerosol cans

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