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Leak Tester for Aerosol can

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Three-piece can/spray can,Cosmetics/drugs/bagged food
Test items:Tightness/Leakage


CanNeed-ALT-100 Leak Tester for Aerosol can is used for testing the leakage of Aerosol cans in a water bath. The can is freely suspended and submerged into the water. At the same time it is subjected to pressure and leaks are revealed by air bubbles. Test pressure 8 - 10 bar. The test procedure is performed semi-automatically. The tester is suitable for all aerosol can diameters. The maximum can height is 300 mm.


● Cans are freely suspended in the water, no extra clamping force
● Simple clamping device, takes only 1 second to clamp or take off the cans
● Clamping independent from can diameter
● Pneumatic simply controlled by the handle to make the cans dip in or lift out of the water
● End and side seams visible
● Able to rotate the cans when pressurizing

Technical Parameter

● Air source pressure : 1.0 MPa
● Max. testing pressure : 1.0 MPa
● Graduation : 0.05 MPa
● Sample : Aerosol Cans
● Dimensions : L590*W420*H480mm

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