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Automatic Secure Seal Tester

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu,PET bottled drinks,Cosmetics/drugs/bagged food
Test items:Tightness/Leakage


  CanNeed-ASST-1000 Automatic Secure Seal Tester is used to test the seal integrity after packaging. By detecting gas leakage, it effectively controls the seal integrity after packaging. It is used to test PET bottles, glass bottles and cans, also can be used to test crown caps and caps of PET bottles. It effectively controls the sealing propertyand prevent gas leakage, therefore it is widely used in beverage industry. Place the sample into water and take pressure charge, then observe if there is gas leakage to judge the seal integrity.


● Simple operation: place the samples, press the testing button, automatically finish the test.
● Say goodbye to the piercing trouble, especially for crown caps, no need to worry about the piercing difficulty.
● Vacuum piercing head, easy to operate, avoiding failure in measurement caused by untight seal.
● No need to worry gas leakage caused by lever of the tube which connect to the piercing head.
● Digital display and save measuring data.
● Programmed pressure, detection limits can be adjusted - the time to reach the max pressure can be adjusted.
● Before going up to the max pressure (SP-2), the time of the pressure maintaining at the pre-setting pressure (SP-2) can be adjusted.
● Two adjusting valve are used to adjust the speed of the 2 pressure rise.
● Adopt various safety precautions.
● Equipped with famous brand control valve, joint connector, pipe, and etc. So good Quality that can be compared with any similar product all over the world.
● High sensitivity and accurate readings.
● Made of aluminum oxide, stainless steel and plastics, sturdy and durable

Technical Parameter

● Take pressure charge with compressed air or CO2.

● Measuring pressure range: 0-16 bar (1.6 Mpa).

● RS232C interface, data can be automatically output to SPC.

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