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CanNeed-SST-300 Secure Seal Tester

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks
Test items:Tightness/Leakage



The “CanNeed-SST-300 Secure Seal Tester” is used to test the seal integrity on the glass or plastic   containers and cans. The CanNeed-SST-300 has been designed to address the special needs of sealing cans and bottles that use aluminium roll-on, twist crowns, or plastic caps. The CanNeed -SST-300 operates with compressed air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide. By detecting gas leakage, rather than liquid, the Secure Seal Tester gives more sensitive and accurate readings.



1.3 stations,to test 3 samples at one time,high efficiency
2.Adopt various safety precations
3.Equipped with famous brand control valve,joint connector,pipe,and etc.So good Quality that can be 4)
4.High sensitivity and accuracy.
5.Take pressure charge with compressed air or CO2.
6.Made of aluminum oxide,stainless steel and plastics,stury and durable

Technical Data


Measuring pressure range: 0-16 bar (1.6 Mpa).
The max measuring samples: 330 × 150mm (height × diameter)


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