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Air Meter

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu,Canned beer, drinks,PET bottled drinks
Test items:carbon dioxide



If the “CanNeed-IAM-30 Air Meter” is used together with CanNeed-CAN-7001 CO2 Tester and Pressure Tester, it can test CO2 content as well as the air content.
It is designed according to ASBC Theory of American Society of Brewing Chemists, corresponding to “GB/T 4928 – 2001 Brewing Analysis Methods” and “GB/T 10792 – 1995 Carbonated Beverage Analysis Methods”. Therefore, the machine is widely used by Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and beverage enterprises.

Measuring principle:
After piercing the bottles or cans with the CO2 Tester, the gas in the bottled beer or canned beer will enter IAM-30, touch the alkaline liquid, then CO2 will be absorbed by alkaline liquid. The remaining gas (usually, N2 and O2) will concentrate to the top of measuring tube. The gas volume will be read through the graduation of measuring tube.


1. The measuring tube can rotate freely with the middle fixed position as pivot, making the alkaline liquid fully absorb the CO2 in the bubbles without rotating the whole supporting frame.
2. There is a reflux liquid ball on the top of the measuring tube, avoiding the overflow of alkaline liquid.
3. Valve core adopts four fluorine materials, anti-alkaline corrosion.
4. The leveling bottle is fixed by 3 columns, avoiding rollover.

Technical Data


Air measuring range: 0-30ml
Resolution of 0-4 ml range: 0.05 ml
Resolution of 4-20 ml range: 0.2 ml
Resolution of 20-30 ml range: 0.5 ml

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