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Automatic Hot Bottle Cutter with Weighing Function

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks
Test items:Weight/net content


CanNeed-AHBC-1000 Automatic Hot Bottle Cutter with Weighing Functionis a new instrument to cut PET bottles for section weight analysis.  Automatic section cutting and weighing, fully automatic control,effectively ensure the precision and repeatability of section cutting, improve the accuracy of measurement, and provide a more optimized solution and more reliable analysis data for PET bottles section weight analysis. 

Automatic Hot Bottle Cutter with Weighing Function , automatic operation, in the measurement process, hot wire cutting,evenly and quickly cut the PET bottle,in the case of ensuring that the PET bottles does not deform to get a clear profile, completely exclude the influence of human factors.  

The operator only needs to place the sample on the fixture platform and then press the start button, the instrument is started with one button, automatic section hot wire cutting and weighing, section weight analysis of the PET bottle, and check whether each part meets the corresponding weight standard;can customize heating power and customize cutting speed; The return-speed can be customized; Exhaust gas is automatically discharged after filtration. 

The motor controls the position of the section with high precision, the motor controls the cutting speed, and the section is weighed automatically.  

Stainless steel body, equipped with safety protection device, door opening moving parts and hot wire power off, the structure is more simple and reliable. 


1.Cutting speed: motor control, uniform cutting PET bottle, good cutting effect, avoid manual cutting, cutting impact.  
2.Cutting power: cutting power can be set to adapt to PET bottles of different thickness to achieve better cutting effect.  
3.Automatic weighing: automatically weigh the sectioned PET bottles, and automatically save the data to avoid manual operation errors.  
4.Automatic exhaust gas: the exhaust gas generated when cutting PET bottles is filtered through the purifier and then discharged to avoid polluting the environment.  
5.4 layers of filter, filter accuracy up to 0.3μm, effectively intercept harmful substances. 
6.Automatic section cutting: motor control, avoiding manual adjustment, more convenient and accurate.  
7.Strong compatibility: the replacement of different sizes of bottle clamp, adapt to a variety of 
8.PET bottles. 

Technical Parameter

Samples type All shape PET bottles
Sample range Diameter30mm⁓120mm, high up to 360mm
Measure PET Bottles mouth inner diameter 12.7⁓53.3mm
Weighing range and resolution 0⁓500g,0.01g
Unit g/ Kg
Motor speed 3mm/s⁓60mm/s
Dimensions and weight L780*W550*H1350,130Kg
Power and air supply 220VAC/50Hz, 5⁓8Bar
Operating environment Service temperature of equipment0⁓45℃,
Operating humidity0⁓85%