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Stress Cracking Tester

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks
Test items:stress


CanNeed-SCT-200 Digital Stress Cracking Tester is a special instrument for testing the stress resistance of the bottom of  PET carbonate bottles. The effect of lye on PET bottom was tested after the production line was cleaned. The 26 stations, each station has a corresponding pressure detection, in the set time to observe the PET bottle bottom rupture.

Measurement method: Constant pressure test, simulate the pressure in the air bottle, use compressed air to stabilize the pressure in the PET at the set pressure, soak the bottom of the bottle in lye, observe the damage of lye to the bottom of the bottle.

Measure the pressure value, determine whether it is broken by the drop of the pressure, and take out the sample after testing to observe the damage degree of the sample.


1) 26 station, take out manually after test. Speed can be set on demand.

2) Touch-screen PLC Controlled System,data collected automatically.

3) SCT-200 has a special calibration connector and calibration table, can be connected to any station calibration.

4) Equipped with high-precision sensor, each station sensor is independent, you can choose any station test.

5) Independent lye testing chamber, any bottle after the rupture of the leakage of the solution will not affect the other stations.

6) Type C quick connector for installation and replacement.

7) With identification connector, can quickly find abnormal test samples.

8) Large display, it is easier to observe the test situation of multiple stations, support multiple groups of data saving, RS232 serial communication.

Technical Parameter

Sample type: PET bottle with cap
Measure range: Sample diameter 0-110mm, sample height 0-350mm, other size by ordering
Dimensions: L:1600 W:850 H:1000,Weight:200KG
Operating environment requirements: Relative humidity: ≤85%, Temperature: 0℃-40℃, Air pressure: 0.65Mpa-0.8Mpa.
Material, structure
and safety protection, etc:
The chassis material is 304.
Electrical warehouse, and the box for the left and right structure.
Door sensing, automatic pressure relief.
The window is equipped with a protective net to prevent the bottle cap from flying out, and safety goggles should be worn during testing.