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First / Products List / CanNeed-ADER-C-6000 Automatic Digital Enamel Rater for Cans

Automatic Digital Enamel Rater for Cans

Occasioni di prova:Linea in linea/confezionamento
Oggetto di rilevamento:Lattina/bottiglia in alluminio in due pezzi,Bomboletta/bombola spray in tre pezzi,Birra in lattina, bevande
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CanNeed-ADER-C6000 is a fully automatic digital enamel rater with unattended operation. It’s is used to
measure the coverage, the compactness and the electric current value of the enamel coating inside the
beverage cans. The contents will erode the metallic material and affect the quality and storage of
products if the enamel coating inside the cans is not integrated. The machine adopted fully automatic
inspecting technology, more efficient and more effectively reducing the human errors. It is the standard
for evaluating can quality in can-making industry.

Features and benefits:
 Equipped with multi-channel automatic sampling device, can test a variety of can samples at one

 Patented design liquid level control system, automatic infusion of electrolyte and accurate
recognition of liquid level.
 Auto measurement in all process, saving time and cost of HR, avoiding personal error.
 Fully self-checking to ensure that the results from each test can be relied upon, calibration time can
be customized.
 Automatic monitoring, alarm itself if tested value beyond a set range.
 Automatic sorting unqualified samples, equipped with retention area for unqualified samples, it is
convenient for users to analyze defect products.
 Double station measurement, measuring about 8 sample cans per minute.
 Assemble with world-class components, secure, durable, which is with outstanding accuracy and
 Simple operation and maintenance.
 Assemble with HD camera for convenient after-sales service via remote connection.
 Test result can be sent to SPC system.
 Database management software for easy data query and statistics.
 Can review single measure result after test for various cans, auto calculate the average,
 maximum and minimum values.
 Data can be stored to Excel form.
 User-defined report format, suitable for style and format of enterprises.

Technical specification:
MEASURABLE CAN TYPES For 2-pc can dia. 202,204&211,can heights 87-190mm
DIMENSIONS: L3158*W1000*H1900MM

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