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Dissolved Oxygen Meter (on-line)

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:malt
Test items:Dissolved oxygen/total oxygen


CanNeed-DO-100 Dissolved Oxygen Meter (on-line) is a special design for the beverage, power plants, electronic, chemical and water treatment industries. Its measurement data can be used for a professional computer software storage, inquire about, statistics can be print out on paper, also can be connected to a real-time tracking printer.
CanNeed-DO-100 Dissolved Oxygen Meter (on-line) adopts the whole aluminum manufacturing, multi-layer waterproof design, touch screen as the input, so that it has the advantages of simple operation, easy and less maintenance!


● Full touch screen --- Make the operation simple and intuitive
● Superior measuring range --- Meet various measurement you need
● The optical design --- Reduce maintenance and operation costs
● The waterproof design --- To adapt to a variety of harsh environment
● The professional software --- To help you complete the statistical work

Technical Parameter

Sample temperature : -10℃-130℃
Sample pressure : 1-12bar
CIP Suitable for CIP process:
Range : 0.0%-300% (4ppb -24ppm)
Repeatability : ±0.4ppb or 2%, take the larger one
Reproducibility : ±0.8ppb or 2%, take the larger one
Accuracy : ±0.8ppb or 2%, take the larger one
Resolution : 0.1ppb (can be set)
Ambient temperature : -5℃—50℃
Power supply : 110-230V 50/60HZ
Specification : 250*210*85mm

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