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Pasteurization Temperature Monitor (PU Monitor)

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu,Canned beer, drinks,General purpose
Test items:Temperature/PU/F0


CanNeed-CAN-125B Pasteurization Temperature Monitor is used to measure the temperature in bottles or cans ,also water temperature during sterilizing process,caculate Pu value,and temperature curve can display on PC or print out with a printer.

CanNeed-CAN-125B PU Monitor record and store the temperature data of the whole sterilizing process,caculate the total PU value,king PU value(PU value that obtained when temperature is above 60℃), temperature,max.water temperature,runtime and the runtime of the two max.temperature.Users can define the sampling frequency of the monitoring.The powerful professional software CND-LogSee can print the report and curve,save data as excel files and transfter the data to those computers which have not installed the CND-LogSee software.


1) Responding sensitively,no temperature lag.
2) Display the measuring results on the data processor,independent of computers.
3) Excellent design,the height of PU monitor is shorter than the sterilizing machine.
4) Not only able to monitor different kinds of bottled beer, but also the canned beer; double
communication channel, can measure both the inner bottle temperature and the water temperature.
5) Able to measure the total PU value, killing PU value (PU value that obtained when temperature is
above 60℃), max. wine temperature, max. water temperature and total runtime.
6) Print the temperature curve via a printer.
7) The powerful software CND-LogSee is able to review, analyze, store and print the data or curves.
8) Can abate the PU value of random period of time, convenience for evaluating the production plants.
9) Can custom multiple PU calculating formulae, like setting to calculate the PU above 50℃ or 60℃.
10) Can save and export the data to Excel files.
11) Each probe is an independent PU monitor, to monitor several sterilizing lines with several probes at
the same time.
12) Suitable for bottles and cans with various capacity and size.
13) Use the new style protecting base, firmness and durable.
14) Small size, light and easy to carryover.
15) The logger and temperature probe is a stainless steel weldless one-piece design, which ensured its
excellent sealability.

Technical Parameter

  •  Double channel:2 temperature monitoring
  •  Measure range:-20~125℃
  •  Accuracy:±0.3℃
  •  Resolution:±0.1℃
  •  Pressure endurance:2MPa
  •  Sensor: Pt100
  •  Data collecting interval:1s-8h,adjustable
  •  Memory:18000 readings(if data collecting interval is 5s,can record for 25 hours)

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