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Axial Load Tester

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Two-piece can/aluminum bottle,Cosmetics/drugs/bagged food,Canned beer, drinks
Test items:Tensile force/pressure bearing/vertical load/impact resistance


CanNeed-AXL-4000 Axial Load Tester” measures the axial force resistance of beverage cans in Newton. The can is placed in a support and gradually forced upwards against the pressure plate. The space between the support and the top plate can be altered with spacers. The can crashes after the peak force has been applied that the can is capable of resisting. The maximum value can now be read in the display.


●  Industry Standard
●  Exceptionally Parallel Platens
●  uto record and display the peak force value
●  Touch-screen PLC Controlled
●  Stable pressing process, data collected automatically by the microcomputer controlling system
●  Pressure plate auto reset after the test is finished. Convenience for placing / taking out the samples.
●  Display the max. and min. measuring value and average after several test.
●  Applicable for samples of different dimension.
●  Mechanical Overload Protection

Technical Parameter

● Measure range  : 3000 N
● Resolution : 1N
● Rear Panel  : RS232
● Power supply  : 240VAC 50-60Hz
● Dimensions : 500 mm x 400 mm x 600 mm (W x D x H )

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