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Score Measure Microscope

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Metal cap/crown cap/tab cap/screw cap/claw opening cap,Auto parts/lithium batteries,Two-piece can/aluminum bottle,Mobile phone glass cover
Test items:thickness,Dimensions


CanNeed-SMM-400 Score Measure Microscope adopted the microscope technology to measure the score depth and residue of can ends. The measurement is accomplished by the focusing of microscope, if the microscope gets a very clear image, that means the focusing is correct, the height changing of the focus of microscope shows the depth of the end score. The diameter of nether measuring needle is very small, focusing on the top of the nether measuring needle, zero the indicator, place the sample end onto the platen, adjust the focus until gets the clear groove bottom image of the end score, then gets the score residue. Place the sample onto the platen, focusing on the surface of sample ends (edge of the score), zero the indicator, adjust the focus , when the clear groove bottom image displays on the screen, then gets the depth of score.


● Lens working distance reaches 8.2mm, (working distance means the distance between the lens and object when focusing gets a clear image), well solved the biggish difference between end score position and end fringe of EO ends. Applicable for the score measurement of various kinds of can ends. Such as RP, SOT, EO, etc.
● Adopted the fine optical components, ensured the high definition of images and data accuracy.
● Applicable for various kinds of ends. Max. end diameter 110mm, bigger by order.
● The advanced single lens reflex design, able to adjust the magnification continuously, convenience for the observation.
● Fine micrometer and display, reaches 1 µm resolution, ensured the result accuracy.
● Professional measuring software, with database management system, convenient for generating reports, data statistic and image storage.
● Screen cross line function. Ensured the calibration point and measurement point superposed strictly.
● Calibration piece. Users can do the calibration at any time.
● The lifting measurement support, eliminate the deviation caused by the slope of sample ends.

Technical Parameter

● Sample types: RP, SOT, EO
● Measure range: 0-10mm
● Resolution: 1μm(0.001mm)
● Reproducibility: 2μm (0.002mm)
● Lens working distance: 8.2mm
● Magnification: 1000 X
● Dimensions: 250 x 300m x 600 mm

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