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Multiple Lid Measurement Station

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Metal cap/crown cap/tab cap/screw cap/claw opening cap
Test items:Dimensions



CanNeed-EMS-200 Multiple Lid Measurement Station is for measuring the End Curl Outer Diameter, End Curl Height, Countersink and Thimble Depth. The end countersink is the height of countersink position minus the thickness of plate.
Place the ends on the testing platform, select the measure points, then press “start”. The four pneumatic controlled sensors will start to measure the sample ends automatically at the same time. The sample ends will be rolled automatically to change the measure points. For every circle, the amount of measure points can be set from 1 to 50. Measurement results can be exported by the RS232 data wire. Calibrate by the standard gauge and controlled by the touch-screen PLC system.

Use the CND_EMS 1.0 professional software to collect and save the measurement data into the database, helps on the statistics and generating reports.


    Measure automatically
 Roll the sample ends automatically
 Measure 4 parameters at the same time per position
 Record data automatically
 Transfer the data to SPC automatically
 PLC touching screen control

Technical Data


Power supply : 230V/115V
Pneumatic supply : 6bar
Sample Ends Dia. : 50-230mm (Outer Dia.)
Output : RS232C
Accuracy : ±0.01 mm±1digit
Units : mm
Dimension : 530×460×260 mm
Weight : 20kg


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