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CO2 Tester and Pressure Tester

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks,Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu,Canned beer, drinks
Test items:carbon dioxide


CanNeed-BCT-100 CO2 tester and Pressure Tester is for measuring the CO2 content in carbonated beverages filled in glass and PET bottles or cans. It is designed according to ASBC Theory of American Society of Brewing Chemists, corresponding to GB/T 4928 – 2001 Brewing Analysis Methods” and GB/T 10792 – 1995 Carbonated Beverage Analysis Methods. Therefore, the machine is widely used by Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and beverage enterprises.  

It is applicable to the bottles or cans with different sizes. After the sample is pierced, the pressure is read on the pressure gauge as soon as the equilibrium pressure is achieved. With a dial thermometer installed in the model CanNeed-BCT-100-T, the temperature of the liquid is read at the same time. With model CanNeed-BCT-100, the bottle or can may then be removed from the instrument to measure the temperature of the liquid with a separate thermometer. The CO2 content is determined by means of the CO2 slide rule or temperature/pressure relationship charts.

The machine is simple in structure and convenient in application. Equipped with a pressure manometer of high accuracy and a thermometer of standard, it can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results.

If used together with IAM-30 Air Meter, it can test CO2 content as well as the air content.


1) Light appearance, easy operation, the main component guide column and base using weight reduction design;
2) Beautiful appearance, the main parts are made of stainless steel;
3) Clever design, solid lock plate, guide column table drawing treatment, moderate clearance, beam sliding smoothly up and down;
4) Puncture needle adopts high hardness corrosion resistant material, more durable;
5) The exhaust is smooth, the imported precision needle valve is used, and the needle valve can be fine-tuned for uniform exhaust.

Technical Parameter

CO2 measuring range: 0 - 4.00%v/v, (0.8%w/w)

Pressure measuring range: 0.6 MPa,  Resolution: 0.01Mpa

Temperature measuring range: 0-50,  Resolution: 0.1

Sample capacity:

Height: max. 320mm

Bottom Diameter: max. 90mm

 (Larger sizes made by order)


* IAM-30 Air Meter (please order for option)

Air content Measure range: 0-30ml

Resolution: 0.05ml.

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