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Fully automatic sealing angle tester

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:PET bottled drinks
Test items:Tightness/Leakage


The CanNeed-ASAT-Line-1000 fully automatic sealing angle tester is an unmanned and fully automatic device that detects the marking points on the bottle cap and body, determines the size of the sealing angle, and provides better judgment conditions for the sealing performance of the bottle cap. Determine OK and NG based on the angle value and store the data. Fully automated detection, no human interference, high detection accuracy, high repeatability, all detection data is stored and recorded in software processing, and can be read.


Performance and characteristics:
1.Up to 12 samples can be placed, with fully automatic conveyor belt injection, achieving unmanned operation.
2.After the sample arrives at the measurement station, it is automatically measured and can store 1000 measurement data.
3.Suitable for various round bottles, the sample diameter is compatible with 50mm to 125mm, and the height limit is up to 360mm.
4.Faster speed, measurement speed can reach 6 bottles in 1 minute, single station measurement.
5.The mechanical structure is simple, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Technical Parameter

Test range and accuracy resolution: ± 0.1 °, accuracy: ± 1.5 °
Suitable for measuring sample range, height range: 130 ⁓ 360mm, bottle cap size range: ∅ 27.5 ⁓ ∅ 50mm, bottle body diameter
Measure speed of 6 bottles per minute
Sample injection method: Fully automatic conveyor belt injection
Sample placement quantity: If the diameter of the bottle body is less than ∅ 60, 12 bottles of samples can be placed. For NG, 3 ⁓ 6 bottles of samples can be retained
Overall size, weight 2200 * 900 * 2100 (including conveyor line), weight approximately 300Kg
Power supply 220VAC/50Hz, air supply 5 ⁓ 8Bar

Placing conditions for indoor use, equipment operating temperature 0-45 ℃, working humidity 0-85%