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Automatic Profile Gauge

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks,Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu,Cosmetics/drugs/bagged food
Test items:Dimensions,thickness


CanNeed-APG-1000 Automatic Profile Gauge is a non-contact one-click automatic measurement equipment, its main function is to fully measure PET bottles, glass bottles and other external dimensions and thickness, fully measure the external dimensions of transparent and non-transparent containers.

To measure:

1) Total height

2) Sectional height

3) Diameter: the maximum and minimum diameter of the bottle circle

4) Thickness: maximum, minimum and average value of the bottle circle 

Measure Method:

Method: optical

Technical principle:

a. The external dimensions are detected by backlight visual inspection

b. The thickness is confocal by spectrum

The CanNeed-APG-1000 Automatic Profile Gauge uses a precision imaging system, just manually put the sample, click on the computer software to measure, you can instantly obtain the external profile size of the bottle, the system software automatically calculates the size to be monitored, can provide rapid and effective quality feedback for the production system. At the same time, the database automatically saves data and images, providing more authentic traceability data for quality management.


1)Connect external desktop computer through professional software operation, easy and convenient.

2)The current data is displayed in real time.

3)Non-contact measurement.

4)Program, all data one-key measurement, reduce manual, reduce the measurement difference of artificial selection;

5)Data is stored permanently, queried freely, and can be exported and printed in.xls format.

Technical Parameter

a) Measure range: bottle height 70-380mm, bottle body diameter/width 40-160mm, thickness less than 10mm

b) Field of view: wide 180mm

c) Accuracy: height, diameter higher than 0.05mm, thickness higher than 0.003mm

d) The number of samples placed :1, NG retention method: manual processing, the number of samples can be retained :1.

e) Calibration method:

1. External dimension: manually place the calibration column, enter the true value, and automatically calibrate  

2. Thickness: Manually place the calibration sheet, enter the true value, and automatically calibrate

f) Dimensions:(L×W×H)930×750×1200,

g) Weight: about 150KG,

h) Power supply: AC220V50Hz

I) Safety design: 1. Aluminum profile chassis, 2. Operation of protective doors