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Digital Auto Shaker Beverage CO2 Calculator

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks,Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu,Canned beer, drinks
Test items:carbon dioxide


CanNeed-AS-400D Auto Shaker CO2 Calculator is used to measure the CO2 content of brewery or
carbonated beverage, which is suitable for canned or bottled samples of various size. It’s a reliable and
ideal CO2 calculator.

With reference to method of ASBC American Society of Brewing Chemists, CanNeed-AS-400D auto
shaker CO2 calculator is designed and complied with national standards GB/T 4928-2001 Method for
Analysis of Beer and GB/T 10792-1995 Carbonated Soft Drinks (Soda). It is well adopted by many
brewery enterprises, beverage enterprises and quality & technical supervision institutions.


Artful Design:
CanNeed-AS-400D is equipped with special-designed sample clamping and piercing devices as well as
continuous rotating clamp. After the sample is pierced, the machine can automatically rotate according
to the preset program, so that phase equilibrium is obtained after the end of the shaking process. When
pressing “TEST”, the machine will automatically measure the temperature and the pressure of the
brewery, displaying the CO2 content accurate and reliable measuring results.
Excellent performance:
 Adopt auto shaker. Shaking speed, extent and time are adjustable to avoid overwork or deviation of
manual shaking, assuring the accurate result and better stability.
 Simulating hand shaking to shaking repeatedly left and right. That makes the shaking effect better.
 Easy piercing. Adopt movable buckle to pierce in lever principle saving the piercing effort and
achieving better sealing.
 Equipped with touch panel LCD display. Spacious interface shows the time, temperature, pressure
and CO2 reading at the same time.
 Tested data can be transferred to PC or printer, which makes it easier to extract the data.

Technical Parameter

Technical Specification:

Power: Voltage individual: AC220V±10% (Other voltages by ordering), Frequency 50HZ/60HZ. Gross power 200W
Measure Range CO2: 2.50 - 9.99 g/L(0.25-1.00 gew.% , or 1.25-5.00 % V/V)
Temperature: -10 ⁓ 60 ℃, Pressure:-1⁓ 6 bar
Bottle Diameter: Bottle Base Max.120mm,
Bottle Height: Max.360mm (bigger by ordering)
Accuracy CO2: ±0.10 g/L, Temperature:±0.2℃,Pressure:±0.01 bar
Time setting arrange  0.1 s ⁓ 999.9 s
Shaking Speed: Left and right reciprocating shaking, 0.5 Hz ⁓ 2 Hz (Adjustable)
Dimension: (L)650mm* (W)350 mm* (H)430 mm
Weight: About 45Kg

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