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Empty Can & Impurity Inspection System

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Canned beer, drinks
Test items:Machine vision inspection


CanNeed-ICI-1000 is to test the empty cans with foreign body, impurity, dent and deformation before filling. And remove the unqualified empty cans before they affect the production of filling line and affect the product quality.


1) The system uses the unique optical imaging hardware.

2) The system adopts excellent optical detection technology, with precise image processing method.

3) Testing speed 800 pcs per minute.

4) One-click button to test can quickly.

5) Remove defective cans reliably, and with remove confirming function to avoid missing elimination.

6) With the sound and light alarm system, can set a continuous NG number to stop the conveyor belt and alarm.

7) With test data statistics: qualified number, NG number, running time, defect classification number.

8) The modular system structure makes it easy to upgrade and update.

9) Self-service is available via a remote service connection.

10) Easy to install.

Technical Parameter


1) Adopt imported brand cameras and lenses to design unique optical imaging systems.

2) Adopt imported brand encoder and removal components.

3) Made of 304 stainless steel material.

4) Using high-performance industrial computers.

5) Both Chinese and English interface, easy to operate

Test indicators:

Item No.

Measuring Item

Measuring accuracy


Black spot at can mouth

Black spot>1.5*1.5mm,Removal rate>99.98%,

Undetected error0.02%


Foreign impurity at can mouth

Foreign impurity>1.0*1.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%,

Undetected error0.02%


Dent at can mouth

Dent>1.5*1.5mm,Removal rate>99.98%, Undetected error0.02%


Ovality at can mouth

Ovality>3% or ovality +/-2.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%,

Undetected error0.02%


Crack at can mouth

Crack>2.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%, Undetected error0.02%


Gap at flange of can mouth

Gap>1.0*1.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%, Undetected error0.02%


Concave-convex deformation of inner can wall

Concave-convex deformation>2.0*2.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%, Undetected error0.02%


Cracks in the middle or bottom of inner can wall

Crack>2.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%, Undetected error0.02%


Foreign body in the middle of inner can wall

Foreign body>1.0*1.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%,

Undetected error0.02%


Foreign body in the center of can bottom

Foreign body>1.0*1.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%,

Undetected error0.02%


Foreign body at the edge of can bottom

Foreign body>1.0*1.0mm,Removal rate>99.98%,

Undetected error0.02%


Black spots in the middle or bottom of  inner can wall

Black spots>1.5*1.5mm,Removal rate>99.98%,

Undetected error0.02%


Reversing can

Removal rate>100.00%

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