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Digital Can Closing Force Gauge

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Canned beer, drinks,Three-piece can/spray can
Test items:Double Seam


CanNeed-CAN-1050D Can Closing Force Gauge  is  for measuring  the  force of seaming head of  the
seaming machine. By using CanNeed-CAN-1050d, producers can avoid product defects caused by over
plating: sharp edge, seam breakage, body deformation, body hook overlength, over  large countersink
and so on.  In  the meantime, producers can also avoid product defects caused by  too small pallet  lift
force: slippery cans, too short hook and so on.


1. Deduct the scrap rate of the production
2. Shorten the adjusting time and improve the production efficiency
3. Improve the seaming quality
4. Digital display, higher accuracy and more convenient operation

Technical Parameter

Measure range : 100-2300N / 25-500 lbs. / 10-230 KGS.
Resolution : 0.1N / 0.02 lbs. / 0.01 KG
Load ability : 5000N / 1200 lbs. / 550 KG


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