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Auto Shaker CO2 Calculator

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu,Canned beer, drinks,PET bottled drinks
Test items:carbon dioxide


CanNeed-AS-300d Auto Shaker CO2 Calculator is used to measure the CO2 content of brewery or carbonated beverage, which is suitable for canned or bottled samples of various size. It’s a reliable and ideal CO2 calculator.


● Wireless data transmission. Data is transferred from the measure head to the mainframe automatically through WIFI communication, which makes data query and statistics easier.

● Adopt auto shaker. Shaking speed, extent and time are adjustable to avoid overwork or deviation of manual shaking, assuring the accurate result and better stability.
● Safer design with protection casing than the traditional manual measurement which threatens operator’s safety if the bottle/can burst when piercing or shaking with the bottle/can exposed outside.
● Easy piercing. Adopt movable buckle to pierce in lever principle saving the piercing effort and achieving better sealing.
● Equipped with touch panel LCD display of 8 inches. Spacious interface shows the time, temperature, pressure and CO2 reading at the same time.
● Various space blocks available for different size of bottles/cans

Technical Parameter

● Measure Range: 
- CO2: 2.50 - 9.99 g/L (0.25-1.00 gew.% , or 1.25-5.00 % V/V)
- Temperature: -10 - +60 ℃
- Pressure: -1- + 6 bar
● Accuracy:
- CO2: +/-0.10 g/L
- Temperature:+/-0.2℃
- Pressure:+/-0.01 bar
● Bottle Height Max. 360 mm, bigger by ordering
● Bottle Base Diameter Max. 120mm, bigger by ordering
● Power 220V/50Hz

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