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Preform Profile Tester

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:PET bottled drinks
Test items:Dimensions


CanNeed-PPT-200 Preform Profile Tester is suitable to measure preforms of various sizes to execute fast replacement of machinery in production process.

Measuring Process:
CanNeed-PPT-2000 Preform Profile Tester adopts precise  imaging system. The users only need to place the sample into the testing station and then click “Test” on the software. The users can gain the profile of the bottle mouths promptly and the system software automatically calculate the dimensions which need to monitor. It can provide the production system with prompt and effective quality feedbacks. Meanwhile, the data base can automatically save data and images, which provide the quality management with true data.


Touch screen control adopts Windows XP operation, which is very easy and clear to be used. Adopts program with navigation function to guide the users being familiar to learn the operation. Languages (Chinese/English) can be selected in a menu box easily and conveniently.

Real-time to display the data.
Non-contact measurement.
Offer counting function.
To formulate and get the data by one button measurement, reduce manual error.
Data can be stored and reviewed at any time, and can be exported to excel file and printed.

Technical Parameter

Range: Preforms with screw threads’ external diameters of 28~38mm
Accuracy : +/-0.15um
Dimension : L940*W590*H940mm
Weight : 120KG

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