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Automatic Back End Measure System

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Two-piece can/aluminum bottle
Test items:Dimensions


CanNeed-ABMS-1000 Automatic Can Measure System for Back End is used to measure Flange Width, Can Height & Internal Can Mouth Diameter of 2-pc can by unattended operation. It is a standard instrument for can-making industry which can realize the constant, efficient and automatic inspection for cans.
The samples will be rotated automatically when measurement starts. The 3 pneumatic controlled sensors will measure the sample automatically. Up to 50 measuring points can be set in 1 circle. Measure results can be stored automatically by our software database, and transferred to SPC systems automatically. The instrument has been calibrated by standard gauge. And it’s applied to different can types and heights.


● Auto measure at multiple points for flange width, can height and internal can mouth diameter.
● Auto measurement in all process saving time and cost of HR, avoiding personal error
● Multi-channel sampling device, can measure various cans at one time.
● Adopt visual system to identify mode number of can bottom.
● Two stations for measuring two types of cans in one time, no need to change the clamps.
● User-defined measuring points, up to 50 measuring points can be set in 1 circle.
● Fast calibration function available.
● Adopt world-class advanced and precise sensor with outstanding accuracy and repeatability.
● Effective, quick and accurate measurement, improving inspection efficiency.
● Secure, durable, easy operation and maintenance.
● Assemble with very hard alloy measuring head which is a durable.
● Assemble with world-class components.
● Assemble with HD camera for convenient after sale service via remote connection.
● Test result can be sent to SPC system.
● Database management software for easy data query and statistics.
● Can review single measure result after test for various cans, Auto calculate the average, maximum and minimum.
● Data can be stored to Excel form.
● Various statistics reports.
● User-defined report format, suitable for style and format of enterprises.

Technical Parameter

1)Can height,  resolution: 0.01mm
Flange width,  resolution: 0.01mm
Internal can mouth diameter, resolution: 0.01mm
2)Measurable 2-P Can Dia: internal can mouth diameter for 202&206;  volume: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml
3)Power: 220V/50Hz
4)Air pressure: over 4bar
5)Appearance: Aluminium structure
6)Dimensions: 3158 X 1000 X 1900mm (L x W x H)

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