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Super Full Automatic Seam Monitor

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Canned beer, drinks
Test items:Double Seam


Configured with the projector and saw, SeamSight®-SA-1000 is A Combination of auto sampling, auto can cutting and auto measurement, adopts completely new invention with features of auto sampling, auto cutting, auto measure, taking the place of the traditional manually cutting and measuring method, achieving integrated automatic measurement of the seam.


1.Cutting samples in a totally sealed cavity causing much low noise.
2.Innovative invention of automatic can cutting and measurement seam monitor to replace the old manual can cutting measurement.
3.Extreme safety and avoids the risk of injury resulted from manual can cutting.
4.Has applied for and been granted a number of patents for inventions.
5.High precision, clear display, equipped with the advanced Golden Lens® video capture device; Repeatable and accurate measurement, adopting the auto cutting method to ensure a clear-cut cross-section without deformation or burrs.
6.Up to 6 points can be cut in one can.
7.The innovative design reduces the operator’s amount of work with just a few manual intervention when measuring. All operators should do are just putting in and taking out the empty sample of can.
8.Any operator will get the same measurement result.
9.Can be used by anyone.
10. High efficiency. Automatically finished throughout the measurement.
11. Simple, easy-to-use operation.
12.Stable performance and the seam saw made of hard metal alloy is durable.
13. Easy maintenance, drawer type cleaning of iron chippings and shavings, minimal care and maintenance.
14.The client chooses the proper can type along with the order, and chooses one from the following can types: 113, 202, 206, and 209.
15.Chuck number correlation of test data.

Technical Parameter

1. Automatic sample input, Automatic can cutting, Automatic measurement;
2. Resolution 0.001mm;
3. Precision 0.005mm;
4. Magnification factor: 60 ×;
5. Line positioning magnification factor: 180 ×;
6. 12-holes sample input tool as standard issue;
7. Standard issues:for samples of 211 can, 202 cover,211 can, 206 cover; 330ml,500ml;other can types can be customized.
8. Auto collect seam thickness and countersink digital indicator data;
9. Ignore the interference of outer light sources;
10.SPC data output;
11.5 optional formulae for seaming overlapped rate calculating;
12.Customizable report format;
13.Hard metal alloy seam saws
14.Size: L1170XW730XH1070
15.Power Supply:220V/110V
16.Pneumatic supply: 0.4Mpa


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