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Automatic Axial Load Tester

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Two-piece can/aluminum bottle
Test items:Tensile force/pressure bearing/vertical load/impact resistance


CanNeed-AAXL-2000 is a full automatic can axial load measure system with unattended operation. It can measure the axial load of the 2-piece can. It is a standard instrument for can-making industry which can realize the constant, efficient and automatic inspection for cans.
CanNeed-AAXL-2000 is equipped with auto sampling device which conveys the can to the test area automatically. Intelligent mechanical arm puts the can on the test station and the top tray falls to reach the sample. When the force exceeds the can load limit, can deforms. Test curve will be showed on the screen. Mechanical arm will take the sample out after test. It is suitable for cans with different diameters of can mouth. Test result is saved in database and is sent to SPC system automatically.


● Auto Measure 2-P can axial load.
● Auto measurement in all process saving time and cost of HR, avoiding personal error.
● Multi-channel sampling device, can measure various cans at one time.
● Adopt visual system to identify mode number of can bottom.
● Two stations, can measure two samples with different can mouth inner diameter at one time without changing any component.
● Precise servo motor control with stable press speed.
● Parallel platen ensuring the real axial force is given to the sample while testing.
● Current data and curve change diagram is displayed on screen.
● Overload protection.
● Effective, quick and accurate measurement, improving inspection efficiency.
● Secure, durable, easy operation and maintenance.
● Assemble with HD camera for convenient after sale service via remote connection.
● Equipped with powerful database management software for easy data query and statistics
● User defined report format, suitable style and format for enterprise.

Technical Parameter

1) Measuring Range: 0-3000N
2) Resolution: 1N
3) Unit: N, Kg, Lb
4) Moving Distance: 115mm
5) Can Fixture: 113, 200, 202, 206, 209
6) Measurable can size: Straight wall can - 202, 204, 211; Finished can mouth inner diameter - 202, 206; 2-P can volume - 250ml, 330ml, 500ml
7) Power: 220V/50Hz
8) Air supply: > 4bar
9) Appearance: Aluminum structure
10) Dimension: L 3158mm X W 1000mm X H 1900mm (L x W x H)