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Automatic Digital Enamel Rater for Ends

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Metal cap/crown cap/tab cap/screw cap/claw opening cap
Test items:Paint film/paint/coating


CanNeed-ADER-E1000 is used to test the coverage of the enamel coating inside ends.(enamel coating compactness, mA)
ADER-E1000 automatically place the end into measuring station, then get the current value (mA)of the end after 4 seconds, and also display Max current value and average current value at the same time. If any failure in test caused by poor contact, there will be a reminder and warning. Data can be output to PC via RS 232 C interface.
ADER-E1000 can detect the exposed metal quicker with optimized electric design to make test quicker, more reliable and accurate.


● Suitable for various end types and sizes.
● Automatically sampling
● Automatically test height of the elctrolyte.
● Automatically add electrolyte.
● Automatic sampling, testing of unattended operation, saving both time and labour.
● Automatic detection, alarm when exceed the specific range
● Automatically save data and transfer to SPC, with curve displayed
● User-friendly interface with automatic sampler
● “Reverse voltage” function can reverse the polarity of voltage by one key, convenient to test
● Multiple safety configuration & overload protection

Technical Parameter

● Measuring voltage: 6.3V,
● Measuring range: 0-300mA
● Resolution: 0.01mA
● Accuracy: +/- 2% of full scale
● Rear Panel: RS232
● Max Quantity: 400
● Dimension: L3158*W1000*H19000mm


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