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X-Ray Automatic Seam Scanner (Non-destructive)

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Canned beer, drinks,Three-piece can/spray can
Test items:Double Seam


Seam-X®-Line Automatic  Seam  Scanner  adopts non-destructive measurement method to measure the
seam  quality,  suitable  for  measuring  the aluminium cans, steel cans , aluminium-iron composite cans and etc.  If configured with the conveyor, it can achieve automatic sampling from the production line. It’s  applicable  for  laboratory  or  producing department.


● Non-destructive measurement, avoid wasting samples
● Non-destructive measurement, avoid environmental pollution and save handling charges
● High sampling frequency, reduce the isolation inferior
● High sampling frequency, cost saving
● Can track the chucks corresponding to the unqualified products
● 360-degree fully scan measurement
● Can be suitable for various types of cans
● Higher accuracy
● Avoid manual measurement error
● Durable
● Accord with the worldwide safety standards

Technical Parameter

● Applicable for laboratory or producing department
● Mode of sampling : Seam-X-Lab manual function; Seam-X-Line automatic function
● Can open or close the door automatically
● Auto measurement
● Auto judgement
● 360-degree fully scan measurement, no blind spot detection
● Measuring speed: need one minute for 1 can
● Load: production time calculation for 22 hours one day; Measuring capacity: 22(h) X 60 (m) ÷ 1 (m) ≈1320 cans/per day.
● It’s a stable and reliable equipment to the continuous detection.
● Accuracy: 0.01mm;
● Seam-X-Lab dimension :900*550*650 mm
● Seam-X-Lab weight: 300kg;
● Seam-X-Line dimension :3000*2000*2200mm
● Seam-X-Line weight: 500kg


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