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Portable Full Automatic Seam Monitor

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Canned beer, drinks
Test items:Double Seam


SeamSight®-P is a packed with the CSS-P2 into a suitcase, specially designed for those who always on business trip.
The SeamSight® system is equipped with the new seam measuring software SeamSight® Professional Software. Which will do the line positioning automatically and the measurement to be finished within 1 second!

SeamSight® Full Automatic Seam Monitor has adopted the advanced optical system and GoldenLens® video capture device, which interference-free of external light source and ensured the high image definition and the measurement accuracy.


● Full automatic line positioning (Auto measure), measurement finished within 1 second!
● Interference-free of external light source and ensured the high image definition
● SPC compatible, use a data adapter to collect the data from Mitutoyo Digital Indicator (Actual Seam Thickness; Actual countersink)
● Report format can be customized, flexible for different report styles of different companies
● Software adopted data base management system, measurement results and images are saved in the data base, users can facilitate inquires
● Graph chart statistic function, automatically analyze and compare the measurement results
● Data can be exported as an Excel file
● Predefine various qualification standards, can judge and warn automatically whether the results are qualified in every measure
● USB power supply, no need extra external power

Technical Parameter

12 Measuring Items: Seam Length, Body Hook Length, End Hook Length, Overlap, Seam Gap, Overlap Rate, Body Hook Lapping Rate, End Hook Lapping Rate, On-screen Seam Thickness, Actual Seam Thickness, Actual countersink and Tightness
● With SPC data output function
● 5 optional formulae for seaming overlapped rate calculating
● Resolution: 0.001mm   Accuracy: 0.005mm    Magnification factor: 60 X    Line positioning magnification factor: 180 X

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