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Automatic Seam Monitor

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Three-piece can/spray can,Canned beer, drinks
Test items:Double Seam


SeamSight-VSM-6D Automatic Seam Monitor uses the CanNeed SPC data collection system, The actual seam thickness, actual countersink, etc., can be transferred to the computer automatically.
The software also adopted the data base management system, all the measurement data will be restored in the system data base, so that to enhance the software performance and more convenience in data management. The result statistic and result chart has been added in the data base screen for overview and comparison. Meanwhile, the measurement screen has been optimized for a vivid result display.


  • Equip with Golden LensTM video capture device which ensured the high image definition;
  • SPC compatible, use a data adapter to collect the data from Mitutoyo Digital Indicator (Actual Seam Thickness; Actual countersink)
  • Magnifier option enable users to magnify the testing image for a more accurate line positioning;
  • The Anti-noise Seam Saw can be chosen, help protect your hearing;
  • Report format can be customized, flexible for different report styles of different companies.
  • 12 Measuring Items: Seam Length, Body Hook Length, End Hook Length, Overlap, Seam Gap,
  • Overlap Rate, Body Hook Lapping Rate, End Hook Lapping Rate, On-screen Seam Thickness, Actual Seam Thickness, Actual countersink and Tightness;
  • Software adopted data base management system, measurement results and images are saved in the data base, users can facilitate inquires;
  • Users can review or re-measure the saved projects at any time;
  • Graph chart statistic function, automatically analyze and compare the measurement results;
  • Data can be exported as an Excel file;
  • Predefine various qualification standards, can judge and warn automatically whether the results are qualified in every measure;
  • Measurement results and label lines can be marked directly on the image, results will be also displayed in corresponding field on the screen;
  • Seam image can be printed, stored, no need to retain the sample cans;
  • Provided with calibration piece, calibrate at any time;
  • Use the monochromatic source, make it much more durable.

Technical Parameter

Power supply : 220V/110V

Serial interface : RS 232 C
Resolution : 0.001mm
Accuracy : 0.005 mm
Magnification factor : 40-50 X
Line positioning magnification factor : 180 X
Languages : Chinese/English
Cans dia. : 52-300 mm, bigger by ordering

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