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Portable Digital Body Blank Gauge

Testing occasions:Online/packaging line
Detection object:Three-piece can/spray can
Test items:Dimensions


The “CanNeed ZM-10 Digital Body Blank Gauge” is made for the quality control of can body blanks. It is a precision gauge for body blank measurement/angle measurement. It’s particularly suitable for the  production line inspection after the adjustment.
Adopting aluminum alloy material so that it is quite light and convenient.


* With a Mitutoyo 0.01mm Resolution Digital Indicator.
* Equip with a high-precision angle standard ruler.
* Constant measuring force for accuracy, repeatable, user-independent results.

Technical Parameter

Resolution: 0.01 mm
Accuracy: 0.02 mm
Measuring position: 63 mm, 107 mm, 207 mm
L*W*H: 300 *210 *50 mm
Weight: 4 kg

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