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Buckle Tester for Can Bottom

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Two-piece can/aluminum bottle
Test items:Pressure/pressure resistance


There is no need to replace the clamp when measuring necked-in cans and straight wall cans. CanNeed-CBT-400 can measure the cans with different diameters and heights.

Put the sample cans into the measuring station directly. There is no need to press the cans. It will automatically clamp and seal the cans by the cylinder and auto sealing device. When the operators press “TEST”, it will collect the buckle values of the cans.


● With dome growth measurement function. Pressure holding time can be set, to measure the dome growth.
● Easy to put in and take out the samples, no need to press and pull out!
● No need to replace the clamp when measuring necked-in cans and straight wall cans.
● RS232Cdata output, able to transfer the data to SPC system
● Touch-screen PLC Controlled System, data collected automatically.
● Pressing speed is adjustable and the Pressure curve can be set
● Built-in “pneumatic booster valve”, able to increase the pneumatic supply to be 1 to 2 times as the input pressure.
● High accuracy
● With calibration port, convenient to calibrate
● When several samples are finished measuring, the operators can query each measuring result.  The max. and min. measuring values and the average values can be calculated automatically.
● Multi- safety design
● Mechanical Overload Protection

Technical Parameter

● Measure range  : 0-900 Kpa(0.9Mpa)
● Resolution  : 1 KPa
● Rear Panel  : RS232C
● Power supply  : 230V/50Hz
● Pneumatic supply  :0.5 Mpa
● Dimensions  : L600 x W450 xH430 mm

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