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Perpendicularity tester for bottle

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Glass bottled beer, beverage, Baijiu
Test items:Squareness/Vertical axis deviation


CanNeed-VAT-300 Perpendicularity tester for bottle (Auto) is for measuring the perpendicularity deviation of glass bottles.
Clamping a sample and rotating a circle, the vertical axis deviation can be read directly in the digital automatic calculator.


CanNeed-VAT-300 is equipped with high precision rotary clamping plate, Mitutoyo digital indicator, automatic calculation display and platform with column.
With the data processor, the CanNeed-VAT-300 is able to collect the measuring data from the Mitutoyo digital indicator and show the results automatically.

Technical Parameter

● Sample diameter:  max. 120mm (bigger by ordering)
● Measure range:  0-10mm
● Resolution:  0.01mm
● Dimensions: L280×W180×H380mm


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