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CanNeed-CSRT-100 Coating Scratch Resistance Tester

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Three-piece can/spray can
Test items:Paint film/paint/coating


Under defined conditions, CanNeed-CSRT-100 Coating Scratch Resistance Tester is used to determine the resistance of a single coating or a multi-coating of paint, varnish or related product to penetration by scratching with a hemispherical tipped needle or abrasion tool and metal scratching tool and so on.

Clamp the sample, adjust the testing pressure load and move the sample relatively to the tipped needle. If any scratches, there will be readings displaying on the machine.


1. Easy operation. No special operation skills are needed.

2. Plays an important role in production. It can test any change of production craftworks, such as the protection coating materials and thickness and the solidifying and aging effects of outer layer.

3.  Ensures the quality of surface layers unified within the same batch and between batches.


CanNeed-CSRT-100 is suitable to test plate samples

Technical Parameter


: L540 x W330 xH320 mm

Power supply

: AC220V


: Machine: 17kg

Calibration weights kit: 2kg(100g*1, 200g*2, 500g*1, 1000g*1)

Scratching tool

: 1 mm carbide hemisphere pin head

Measuring plate size

: 160*60mm

Object platform moving speed

: 40mm/s

Object platform moving distance


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