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Can Measure Desk for Front Stations

Testing occasions:laboratory
Detection object:Two-piece can/aluminum bottle
Test items:Dimensions


CanNeed-FMD-200S Can Measure Desk for Front Stations is developed on basis of the long experience of Front Stations in

2 -piece can product line. It is applied at the inspection points of 2 -piece can product line.

CanNeed-FMD-200S measures the Wall Thickness, Bottom Depth, Can Height. Please indicate the can type when ordering. 


● Equipped with Mitutoyo digital indicator. 
● If purchased the adapter and cable, the equipment can be connected to a computer or SPC system for data collection.

Technical Parameter

● Wall Thickness Resolution: 0.001mm
● Bottom depth Resolution:0.01mm
● Can height Resolution:0.01mm

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