Statistics As of 2024 year 6 month19 day, Located (Deqing Xian), postcode: 441226(DQY) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Can Making[Double Seam Inspection] CAN-1050 Can Closing Force Gages, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : <FONT face=Verdana> <P><FONT face=Verdana>The CanNeed CAN-1050 Can Closing Force Gages can lower scrap rates and set up time.&nbsp; </FONT><FONT face=Verdana>you can quickly and easily job-set multiple-station canning machines. These Gauges come with and adjustable self-loading micrometer dial, calibrated in thousandths. This means you may accurately deflect spring-loaded can wear plates to any desired dimension.<BR></FONT></P></FONT> Give enterprises great benefits.
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Product Classification : Canned Food and Beverage
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FWG-100-d Flange width Gauge(digital)

FWG-100-d, FWG-200-d, FWG-300-d Flange width gauge
Canneed FWG-d Flange width gauge is designed to measure the flange width of open ended cans.
The spring loaded can guides automatically position the can for fast, accurate,
and repeatable measurements. Constructed of machined for corrosion resistance and long life. 
The base plate is stainless steel to extend the wear life of the surface.
With the Mitutoyo 0.01mm Resolution Digital Indicator.
The gauges may be connected to a computer via a multiplexer.

IDG-100 Can Internal Diameter Gauge
IDG-100, IDG-200 & IDG-300 Can Internal Diameter Gauge
This unit serves for quickly checking the Internal Diameter of can. It is supply with a calibration piece.
IDG-100 is for small diameter cans, Cans dia. 52-100 mm (only measure one type can)
IDG-200 is for large diameter cans, Cans dia. :80-260 mm (only measure one type can)
IDG-300 is compatible for two (2) or three (3) sizes of cans.

CDS-10 Can dissect saw
Give up the old method for dissecting cans, to observe the can interior has become so easy and clear.
The ˇ°CDS-10 Can Dissect Sawˇ± was specially designed to cut the can body into two axially, so that to observe the situation of corrosion or lacquer scale off.

AXL-4000 Axial Load Tester
The ˇ°CanNeed AXL-4000 Axial Load Testerˇ± measures the axial force resistance of beverage cans in Newton. The can is placed in a support and gradually forced upwards against the pressure plate. The space between the support and the top plate can be altered with spacers. The can crashes after the peak force has been applied that the can is capable of resisting. The maximum value can now be read in the display

PDG-d Plane depth Gauge for Canned Food and Beverage

The ˇ°PDG-d Plane depth Gauge (Digital)ˇ± is for measuring the bottom end depth of the cans. The measuring base would be subject to the sample size, so please indicated the end size when purchasing.

SM-24 Belt Drive Seamer
Canneed ˇ°SM- 24 Electric Belt Drive Seamerˇ± (Desktop model) enables the users to do more lab tests. Such as, adjusting some technique, enhancing the products quality, test the empty cans and free ends, to insert a temperature logger into a can before running a temperature monitoring.
It is much more convenient for those lab tests, fast, easy and high efficiency

CLT-600 Leak Tester for can

The canneed"CLT-600 Leak Tester for can" is used for checking the permeability of 3-piece cans in a water bath.
The can is fixed to magnet disc plate and submerged into the water.
At the same time it is subjected to pressure and leaks are revealed by air bubbles.

STG-200-d Seam Thickness Gauge(digital)
the STG-200-d Seam thickness gauge can be used to measure Seam thickness. 
With measure angle compensation. The center mesure point can be adjusted.
Cans can be auto- positoned in the center easily during measuring . 
With the Mitutoyo 0.01mm Resolution Digital Indicator.  
If you purchase the adapter and cable, the instrument can communicate with a computer. 

A convenient, all-purpose hand tool used for hand teardown of can seams.  Vinyl coated hand grips, jaw width is 1ˇ±, overall length is 6ˇ±

CAN-125B Pasteurization Temperature Monitor

CanNeed CAN-125B Pasteurization Temperature Monitor has been chosen by many beverage and canned food factories.
- Convenience and durable
CanNeed CAN-125B Pasteurization Temperature Monitor is portable and it was a stainless steel weldless one-piece design, which ensured its excellent sealability and long service life.
- Powerful function
CAN-125B Pasteurization Temperature Monitor (F0 Value), record and store all temperature data of the pasteurization process, the inside and outside temperature curve of samples and runtime. Users can define the sampling frequency of the monitoring. The powerful professional software CND-LogSee can print the report and curves.


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