Statistics As of 2024 year 6 month24 day, Located (Dong,an Qu), postcode: 231002(DGA) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Can Making[3-piece Can Testing] STR-100 Seam Stripper, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : The CanNeed automatic "STR-100 Seam Stripper" is a sensible, affordable, teardown method to prepare the double seam teardown analysis. One fast, safe teardown operation without damaging or distorting the cover hook. Reduce teardown time for more frequent inspections. Tooling quick change in few seconds. Models are available for most common can sizes of beverage, food, and aerosol cans. When ordering, the end diameter and can height must be specified so that the appropriate change parts are included. Efficient cut and strip both aluminium and steel cans in a single motion. 10 seconds per can. Eliminates the repetitious actions by hand.<BR> Give enterprises great benefits.
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Product's Detail----Class----PET Bottle and Preform ----CND-TT-200 Torque Tester
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Detail Moredetail

Applications: Food-industry / Cosmetic/ Pharmaceutical / Chemical / Metrology

1) Utilization by Electroluminescent tactile screen
2) Programming by pull-down menu
3) Measures in screwing and unscrewing.( opening and closing )
4) Units available : / Inch.lbs / / / N.m
5) Measuring range  A : from 00.00 to / 9.999 N.m
6) and  0.050 to 3.999 (in " accuracy " mode )
7) and 0.001 to 2.999 on request
8) Mode : Mean measure / peak (with 2 thresholds) / peak+memo and informations on the products, operator, Nlot, thresholds ( choice of 2 or 4 ) , hour an date
9) Dynamic visualization of statistics ( mini, maxi, average + standard deviation for the printing)
10) Visualization of the chosen thresholds ( graphic representation and value )
11) Printing of measures and statistics with date and hour + programmed informations
12) Automatic zero calibration
13) Accuracy :   0,2 % of the full scale
14) 30 products memorizables with their  4 thresholds and programmation of their name by PC
15) Memorization of 4 thresholds : very low; low; high; very high who permit to detect and display message of quality in relation with the detected torque ( visualization on bar-graph )
16) Memorization of 1000 measures available with the mode number 3.
17) Programmable informations by code administrator, the operator is able to access to choices only and enter the Lot number.
18) Modes : visualization, printing.
19) Stainless steel design / IP 64 Protection
20) Display resisting to all the products except strong solvents and use with screwdriver or sharp object.
21) Choice of the kind of  measurement plate: bottling-food industry (4 contacts) or cosmetic (system in V)
22) 2 RS 232 C outputs : printing of the values and invoice of the values in the same time to  SPC system.
23) Analog output 0-10 V
24) Printing of measures and statistics by mini-printer
25) Choice of the language English, Spanish, german, Italian or French
26) Torquemeter is programmable by PC
28) Automatization and personalization available on request.

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