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Product's Detail----Class----Glass Bottle ----MBT-300 Hall Effect Thickness Gauge (Magnetic Bottle Thickness Gauge)
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Detail Moredetail

The Canneed MBT-300 Hall Effect Thickness Gauge (Magnetic Bottle Thickness Gauge is a refined portable bottle thickness gauge. It can measure the thickness of nonmagnetic material, such as plastic, glass, synthetics, aluminum and titanium, etc. The measurement accuracy is undistorted by the samples shapes.

MBT-300 is based on the theory of Hall Effect. For test, place the steel ball on one side of the sample and the probe on the other side. The Hall Effect sensor on the probe measures the distance from the probe tip to the steel ball. The calculator will display the real thickness readings.

Adopt non-destructive test method. With quick measurement for spot thickness on area where accurate measurement of corners, small radii, or complex shapes are required
Display the real thickness readings and automatically capture the minimum thickness
A standard instrument in plastic packaging industry
Rapid measurement, up to 16 times per second
Accuracy: +/-1%
It stores 95,000 thickness readings as the internal data record.

Technical Data:
Diameter of Steel Ball          Thickness Range (Standard Probe)       Calibration Graduation (Accuracy)
1/16(1.59mm)                .0001-.0900(.001-2.590mm)           +/-3%*
1/8(3.18mm)                 .0001-.0900(.001-4.570mm)           +/-2%*
3/16(4.76mm)                .0001-.0900(.001-6.350mm)           +/-1%*
The accuracy depends on the thickness range. Please refer to the manual for detailed specifications.
Scanning Speed: up to 16 times (Optional)
Minimum Mode: rapid search and minimum thickness display
Resolution: 0.01 mm or 0.001 mm (0.001 or 0.0001)
Display: with contrast adjustable LCD display screen. It can display the real reading, minimum reading, alarm status and data document information
Data Recorder: It stores, adjusts, eliminates and transfers 95,000 thickness readings and documents which are with 16 characters of letter and numeric ID
Data Output: with PS-232 port
Field Report: Minimum value, maximum value, SD, average value, intermediate value and document comparison
Calibration: Two-point standard calibration, or multi-calibration with eight reference points
Difference Value Mode: Display the difference between the actual thickness and the pre-set reference thickness
Alarm Mode: Programmable, vocal and indication-visible high and low alarm setting points
Power: 100/120/220/240 VAC, 48-62 Hz
Battery: Rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery. According to the use status of background light, it can last for 8-16 hours. The charging time is 2 hours.
Metric/Imperial Unit: Inch and mm for option
Language: English
Working Temperature: 0-+50
Dimension: 9.375*5.45*1.5(238*138*38mm)
N.W.: 2.1 Pound/5.3 kg

Standard Configuration:
MBT-300 Hall Effect Thickness Gauge includes:
Standard probe
Probe stand
Probe cable
User manual
Pocket reference card
Nickel-made rechargeable battery
External power supply and charger
Steel ball and calibration set, including
Steel ball (with diameters of 1/16, 1/8, 3/16)
Calibration block: 0.010/0.25 mm, 0.04/1 mm, 0.160/4 mm (If the pre-test measurement is over 0.160/4 mm, there are accessories for option.)

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