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    • SeamSight-C
    • SeamSight-C Full Automatic Seam Monitor
    • SeamSight® Full Automatic Seam Monitor has adopted the advanced optical system and GoldenLens® video capture device, which interference-free of external light source and ensured the high image definition and the measurement accuracy. The SeamSight® system is equipped with the new seam measuring software SeamSight® Professional Software. Which will do the line positioning automatically and the measurement to be finished within 1 second!
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    • CanNeed-HDM-100
    • Height Dimension Measure Desk for Claw Twist Cap
    • CanNeed-HDM-100 Height Dimension Measure Desk for Claw Twist Cap is developed based on long-term practical experience. It is applied to measure the height dimensions of the claw twist cap: cover, claws, glue thickness, groove depth and projecting ear.
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    • CanNeed-RDM-100
    • CanNeed-RDM-100 Radial Dimensions Measure Desk For Claw Twist Cap
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    • CanNeed-IDG-100
    • CanNeed-IDG-100/200/300 Can Internal Diameter Gauge
    • The “CanNeed-IDG-100 Internal Diameter of Can” is used to measure the internal diameter of small cans, such as 200, 202, 206, 209. The “CanNeed-IDG-200 Internal Diameter of Can” is used to measure the internal diameter of larger cans. According to clients’ request,
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    • CanNeed-DHG-300
    • CanNeed-DHG-300 Digital Can Height Gauge
    • The “CanNeed-DHG-300 Digital Can Height Gauge” can be used to measure the height of beverage, food, and aerosol cans. The gauges can be connected to a computer or SPC system via the adapter and cable.
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    • CanNeed-MBT-300
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    • CanNeed-DER-400
    • Digital Enamel Rater
    • The CanNeed-DER-400 Digital Enamel Rater is able to detect the exposed metal position more easily compare to the former models. The reformative electronic design makes it more sensitive, reliable and accurate. The anticorrosion characteristic of the enhanced can body support is ensured its durability. The film coated buttons are more durable and with better corrosion resistance.
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    • CanNeed-CLT-100
    • CanNeed-CLT-100 Leak Tester for can
    • CanNeed-CLT-100 Leak Tester for can is used for checking the leakage of 3-pc cans in a water bath. It can test one can in each test.
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    • CanNeed-FWG-100-d
    • CanNeed-FWG-100-d, CanNeed-FWG-200-d, CanNeed-FWG-300-d Flange Width Gauge (digital)
    • The “CanNeed-FWG-100-d, CanNeed-FWG-200-d, CanNeed-FWG-300-d Flange Width Gauge” is used to measure the flange width of empty cans. Reliable design, invariableness measuring pressure and measuring angle which enable the inexperienced operators can also perform the measurement accurately. Auto aligning the center of can body, applicable for different types of cans.
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    • CanNeed-CC-1000

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