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    • CanNeed-SST-3
    • CanNeed-SST-3 Secure Seal Tester
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    • CanNeed-SST-2
    • CanNeed-SST-2 Secure Seal Tester
    • CanNeed-CND-SST-2 Secure Seal Tester is used to test the seal integrity on the glass or plastic containers and cans. The CND-SST-2 has been designed to address the special needs of sealing cans and bottles that use aluminium roll-on, twist crowns, or plastic caps. The CND-SST-3 operates with compressed air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide. By detecting gas leakage, rather than liquid, the Secure Seal Tester gives more sensitive and accurate readings.
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    • CanNeed-DHG-300
    • CanNeed-DHG-300 Digital Can Height Gauge
    • The “CanNeed-DHG-300 Digital Can Height Gauge” can be used to measure the height of beverage, food, and aerosol cans. The gauges can be connected to a computer or SPC system via the adapter and cable.
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    • CanNeed-DHG-500
    • Digital Can Height Gauge
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    • CanNeed-SFAT-100
    • Static Friction Angle Tester (Tilt Table)
    • Applicable to: glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum bottles and cans, etc. Enables accurate measurement of container lubricity and coefficient of static friction
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    • CanNeed-CMT-200
    • CanNeed-CMT-200 Mobility / Lubricity Tester for Cans
    • The “CanNeed-CMT-200 Mobility / Lubricity Tester for Cans” is for measuring the coefficient of sliding friction of can body and bottom. It can also measure the coefficient of sliding friction of blanks. Install the corresponding clamp and place the sample on the clamp, then put the bob-weight unit on the sample. Pull the bob-weight and the indicator will display the coefficient of sliding friction.
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    • CanNeed-CSRT-100
    • CanNeed-CSRT-100 Coating Scratch Resistance Tester
    • Under defined conditions, CanNeed-CSRT-100 Coating Scratch Resistance Tester is used to determine the resistance of a single coating or a multi-coating of paint, varnish or related product to penetration by scratching with a hemispherical tipped needle or abrasion tool and metal scratching tool and so on.
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    • CanNeed-LSS-100
    • Low Speed Saw
    • CanNeed-LSS-100 Low Speed Saw" is for cutting the End rivet to observe and evaluate the rivet profile images of ends.
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    • CanNeed-CSS-2000
    • Seam Saw
    • CanNeed-CSS-2000 Seam Saw is a special unit to cut the cans with double seam for inspection. Sample moving platform is assembled on linear rail with precise cutting effect to ensure that cutting image is very clear when inspecting the seam quality with CanNeed Seam Sight automatic seam monitor. Linear rail for can moving is installed to make the perfect linear cutting. Configured with extreme hard blade, it is durable and enables the cutting clear without burrs.
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    • CanNeed-CSS-300
    • Seam Saw
    • “CanNeed-CSS-300 Seam saw” is a special seam circular saw with double cut for double seam inspections. The CanNeed -CSS-300 has specially designed for the irregular shaped cans, like rectangle cans, oval cans, etc. Also aerosol-cans can also be sawed with the saw. The nitrated blades achieve together with the speed of approx. 1.000 r/min. so that comes a very plain cut surface. The seam image on the Canneed series of Automatic Seam Monitors gets thereby very clear and improves measurement speed and reliability.
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    • CanNeed-TDE-100
    • Sterilization Thermograph (Can FO Value Tester)
    • Suitable for all kinds of sterilization apparatus and occasions for recording temperature: retorts, spray sterilizing machines, sink type sterilizer, warehouse and trucks. Suitable for a variety of products: cans, beverage, beer, packaged food and jellies. Suitable for different packages: big and small metal cans, PET bottles, glass bottles, bags and plastic boxes.
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    • CanNeed-PTM-100
    • PU Monitor Pasteurization Temperature Monitor
    • CanNeed-PTM-100 Pasteurization Temperature Monitor (PU Monitor) is used to test the temperature in the can/bottle in the pasteurization process. It can also test the temperature of the spraying water. It calculates the PU value and displays the temperature graph on the computer through CanNeed software or print report through printer.

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