Statistics As of 2021 year 1 month28 day, Located (Wen Xian), postcode: 410825(WEN) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Crown Cap[] BLT-100 Tumbling Tester for Crown Closures, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : <SPAN lang=EN-US style="FONT-SIZE: 12px; LINE-HEIGHT: 125%; FONT-FAMILY: Arial; mso-bidi-font-size: 10.5pt"> <P><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 12px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">The CanNeed ¡°BLT-100 Tumbling Tester for Crown Closures¡° is for evaluating the abrasion resistance of crown closures. <BR><BR><STRONG>Functional description<BR></STRONG>The crown closures are tumbled over top for a certain time to cause abrasion. This test simulates the condition of unsorted storage during transport and feeding.<BR><BR><STRONG>Advantages</STRONG> <BR>Standardized abrasion test for crown closures <BR>Standardized tumbling speed and Adjustable duration</FONT></P></SPAN><!--EndFragment--> Give enterprises great benefits.
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CTG-HP Hover Probe

The CanNeed CTG-HP Hover Probe is combined with CTG-300/CTG-310 Coating Thickness Gauge to test the lacquer film coating thickness and weight per unit area.


CMT-200 Mobility / Lubricity Tester for Cans

The CanNeed ¡°CMT-100 Mobility / Lubricity Tester for Cans¡± is for measuring the coefficient of sliding friction of can body and bottom. It can also measure the coefficient of sliding friction of blanks.

Install the corresponding clamp and place the sample on the clamp, then put the bob-weight unit on the sample. Pull the bob-weight and the indicator will display the coefficient of sliding friction.


CSRT-100 Coating Scratch Resistance Tester
Under defined conditions, the CanNeed CSRT-100 is used to determine the resistance of a single coating or a multi-coating of paint, varnish or related product to penetration by scratching with a hemispherical tipped needle or abrasion tool and metal scratching tool and so on.

CCAT-100 Can Comprehensive Abrasion Tester
It is used to evaluate the wear-resisting property for coating.
After well clamped the sample can,adjust testing pressure load,and set testing frequency and time,CCAT-100 will imitate the clashing of cans, wearing-resisting property can be evaluated by observing.

MDER-10 Multi-station Digital Enamel Rater for Ends (10 Stations)
In order to meet the needs of testing several ends at one time, CanNeed designed MDER-10 and MDER-20 Multi-station Digital Enamel Rater for Ends. MDER-10 can finish testing the current of 10 ends
in 4 seconds. If connected with two ten-hole fixing holders, it can test 10 ends at one time. The diameters of ends are 50-99mm.

Place ends into the opening hole of ten-hole fixing holders. After the ends are pressed, turn the
ten-hole fixing holders over. The current values (mA) of each end as well as the maximum current value and average value can be read out in 4 seconds. If any test failure resulted from bad connection between the contacts, the corresponding position number of the ends can be shown on the screen. The data can be transmitted to the computer via RS 232 C.

CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker

The CanNeed "CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker" is a professional oven temperature curve inspection system for the coating industry, it is including the data logger, heat insulation case, software (Chinese / English) and thermocouples. "CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker" is use to pass through the oven with the solidifying products, and record down the real temperature during the process.

CTG-310 Coating Thickness Gauge
The Canneed "CTG-310 Coating Thickness Gauge" provides a computer enhanced method of rapidly assessing lacquer film weight of both internal and external coatings on beverage and food cans, and also tinplate. 

DER-400 Digital Enamel Rater

The CanNeed DER-400 is the industry standard. The new CanNeed Enamel Rater DER-400 instrument test the coverage of the enamel coating inside food and beverage cans, aerosol-cans and also different kinds of ends. It displays an index of the amount of metal exposed by incomplete enamel coverage on a clear, easily read digital LED.

The CanNeed DER-400 Digital Enamel Rater is able to detect the exposed metal position more easily compare to the former models. The reformative electronic design makes it more sensitive, reliable and accurate. The anticorrosion characteristic of the enhanced can body support is ensured its durability. The film coated buttons are more durable and with better corrosion resistance.


EPH-100 End Panel Holder-for Digital Enamel Rater
EPH-100 End Panel Holder-for Digital Enamel Rater

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